the elevation team

our Story

Our team began working together in 2017 after our founder, Richard Trevino II had written his first book and hit the #1 best seller and #1 hot new release in various categories on Amazon. Multiple friends had reached out to see if we could help them to write, edit, publish, and launch their books as well.

After working with a few clients and seeing the amazing impact that a book made in their lives, businesses, and the lives of people around them , we realized that by solidifying and structuring our team, we could have a much greater impact and help many more people. 

We believe that we can and are making a difference in our world through the power of a book. We do not work with everybody. Every person that we work with is an individual that is looking to impact lives. Whether that be the lives of their clients in their industry, people in their communities, their church or parishioners, or anyone that needs the information they are sharing. But we enjoy working with clients with a desire to impact, inspire, and empower others.

Our team is composed of professional writers that write for some of the largest publications in the world, best selling authors, professional editors, graphic designers with an amazing eye to detail that have created 1,000’s of covers, and people with a heart to help you create and publish the perfect book for you!  

Let’s face it. You have a vision in your heart of what this book looks and feels like. It’s probably been in your heart and mind for some time now. Our job is to help extract it and bring it to fruition. 

Whether that book is for your business growth, your brand growth, or you’re creating a fully illustrated children’s book to create impact for the generations to come, we’ve got you covered. 

We know what a book has done for each of us and we know what it can and will do for you! We look forward to earning your trust, your business, and hopefully a friendship in the midst of it all. 

Our goal is not to just create books, but to create a change in our world for the better. Let’s do it together!